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Amazing wallet!

My boyfriend is extremely rough on wallets but this one has held up for several years where most would last only a few minutes months. I'm very impressed with the quality.

Great bags!...

I bought one of each, a small one and a big one and I love them. It's nice to carry things with me and be hands-free to be able to shop or go wherever and not have to worry about whether my bag is still with me or attached.

Speak up necklace

Love it and wear all the time!

Arjun Backpack
Mattie M.
Gorgeous, High Quality Bag!

This bag is stunning! I got it in the blue/turquoise and I just love it. The inside is well appointed with pockets and separators to neatly store all of your daily or travel needs.

I take this thing everywhere and love it!

Lemongrass and chocolate is crazy good

Delicious. Very unique and wonderful flavor profile.

Excellent and Important

My friends, family, and I seek this shop out at all festivals because we love the mission and their products.

SMall wallet

I love the way this is made and the fabric is lovely!

Spicy chocolate

The taste is good, but I am still looking for a spicy chocolate mix without sugar, so consumers can add their own sweetener to taste.


Lovely scent and excellent gift!


Very delicious chocolate!

This is a great backpack. Plenty of cushion inside for a computer. Zippered pocket outside, and open pockets inside to hold plenty of necessities. Straps are comfortable and easy to fit to your needs.

Incredible softness

Definitely the softest wool sweater I have ever owned. I love the color. It is warm without feeling bulky. The fit is a nice balance, not too slim but definitely not boxy. The collar is wide so it doesn’t fit tight around your neck.


This is a gorgeous necklace and it comes in an adorable package - got it quickly with great communication every step of the way - so excited about this beautiful gift from a great company!

Delicious and Bright

ETC's true coffee is delicious without any bitter back-bite. It is bright and flavorful. Knowing the social impact my purchasing and drinking this coffee makes it all that much better.

Beautiful Ornaments

The pictures are nice, but in reality these ornaments are lovely. They are polished horn that is smooth and has beautiful color. The designs are simple, yet striking.

Nice T-Shirt!

Fun design and well-made. The cut of the tee is great, not too boxy or long. The material is soft and very comfortable.

Well-made Wallet

Very happy with the quality of this non-leather wallet. Durable and nicely constructed. Grateful that it is recycled materials!

Smooth and not bitter

Highly recommend this chocolate! Beautiful smooth texture. Not too sweet and not bitter at all.

Well Balanced

Oat free beans. Well balanced roast. It's our households gold standard for decaf coffee.

Great Smell

I love having a nice smelling candle near by while I read and work. These totally fit the bill.
Thanks ETC.

Love the back bite.

This hot chocolate is fabulous. Rich and tastey, with a great back bite of cinnamon and hot pepper.
My go to hot chocolate.

Favorit Coffee

Such wonderful dark roast, The flavor absolutely the best and great test.

Dried Dragon Fruit
Teresa Whitman

Absolutely love them!

Smooth medium roast

I appreciate the smooth, rich taste of this blend! It has some warm, nutty undertones and a subtle aftertaste. Yum!

Delish Dark Choc

This chocolate is so good if you are one of those people trying to make the switch from candy bars and other super sugary sweets to healthier, more adult indulgences. Haha. It's sweet but not too sweet and has delicious banana-y flavors that really brighten it up and make it stand apart from all the other dark chocolates I've tried! So delicious. I actually normally dislike dark chocolate for not being milk chocolate, but this one is so good that I don't even notice! Anyway, would definitely recommend. : )