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We carefully select suppliers and organizations that share our mission to fight human trafficking, extreme poverty, and exploitation.

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Justice Blend Coffee 16oz

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Our own special, medium-roast coffee blend that makes a difference in the world! Refreshing notes of citrus with undertones of stone fruit and earl gray. Purchasing this coffee empowers Black farmers in Brazil, women in Burundi, and creates peace in Colombia through the Coffee for Peace Initiative. Roasted Locally in Madison, WI by TRUE Coffee Roasters. Medium roast.

We usually submit our roasting order on Tuesdays and ship this coffee on Thursdays if stock levels don’t suffice to fill orders. 

For free local pickup ON SUBSCRIPTIONS use coupon code LOCAL PICKUP when checking out and your shipping cost will be set to zero. 


Our partners work to empower artisans (mostly women) to make a livable wage in their respective communities.

And because we are a volunteer-run nonprofit 100% of the money spent at Ethical Trade Co is reinvested into creating more opportunities around the world.

All our products are ethically sourced and we ensure that our artisans are paid a fair, livable wage to sustain freedom from human trafficking, extreme poverty, and exploitation.

Check out our collections to learn more about our partners and their incredible stories of resilience and grace.

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