About Us

Ethical Trading Company is working to end human trafficking. We do this by importing, marketing, and selling products from suppliers and organizations that create jobs as a way to prevent human trafficking.

We believe that by bringing sustainable jobs and income into villages and towns where women and girls are most at risk we will be able to end the cycle of poverty and trafficking once and for all.

We specifically work with suppliers who not only provide monetary support but also help with non-financial needs like training, child education, retirement, and child care. We think a holistic approach is key to keeping these women and future generations from being trafficked.

Please help us make human trafficking a thing of the past!


Here are some of the countries we source products from:

 ◦ Nepal India
Thailand Uganda
Kenya Tanzania 
Philippines Azerbaijan


 Our main partners are:

  ◦    Napada Thailand http://www.napadathailand.com

  ◦    Hopes Gate http://hopesgate.org 

  ◦    Beauty for Ashes http://beautyforashesnepal.com 

  ◦    Singing Rooster https://singingrooster.org 

  ◦    Level Ground Trading https://levelground.com 

  ◦    Higher Grounds https://www.highergroundstrading.com 

  ◦    Revy http://www.revydirect.com 

  ◦    Jeevankala https://www.jeevankala.com 

  ◦    2nd Story Goods https://www.2ndstorygoods.com