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      Purnaa has raised the bar on ethical trading. They provide high quality garments while ensuring a great work place for employees and prioritizing environmental sustainability throughout the manufacturing process. Purnaa is on a mission to empower individuals and communities in Nepal to become whole and complete, free from the enslaving cycle of poverty. They do this by creating job opportunities for those whose marginalized status in society would otherwise prevent them from getting work.  As a social enterprise, they make this mission the top priority, re-investing our profits to further Purnaa's social impact.
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      From the Foundation

      "Our Core Values

      LOVE: We do to others what we would want them to do to us.

      EXCELLENCE: We always do our best work, even in the small things. We always try to improve.

      INTEGRITY: We do the right and honest thing even when nobody is watching.

      JUSTICE: We give equal opportunity, fair rewards and consequences, and champion the rights of those who do not receive just treatment in society.

      BEAUTY: We create beauty in our products, workplace, our environment, and in our staff."

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