Level Ground

Level Ground


      About Level Ground:

      What happens when you combine fair trade coffee beans and a Canadian roaster with over 25 years of experience? Seriously delicious coffee.

      Delicious Coffee:

      We believe everyone deserves a cup of carefully crafted coffee. No fancy foam art
      or coffee-making contraption needed, but it’s always welcome.

      Canadian Owned and Roasted:

      We’ve been roasting coffee on Vancouver Island since 1997. We are proud to be owned by local families – no big corporations here.

      Sourced Well:

      We partner with progressive co-ops who are focused on coffee quality, environmental
      sustainability and fair income for farmers. Everything we do is fair trade and organic.

      Well Crafted:

      After sourcing great coffees, our mission is to roast and blend so that the amazing
      characteristics of the beans shine through in your cup. The coffee lab is a dynamic place where Q Graders and roasters cup daily to produce taste reports, develop roast profiles and check for consistency – a lot of coffee is consumed here! We roast using small-batch, fluid-bed roasters which produce an incredibly smooth and consistent coffee.

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