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      CauseGear wants to engage with the everyday life of people to help change the lives of people who struggle from day to day. Their vision is to see one million people set free through the creation of self-sustainable jobs. CauseGear also deeply believes in the sustainability of the environment. They are continually moving forward to use eco-friendly, organic, and recycled materials whenever possible. They are offer a life-time guarantee in hops to reduce fashion waste.
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      From the Foundation

      "I was in the Kibera slums of Nairobi when the vision came to me. What if a one-to-one relationship could be created between the fortunate few and the marginalized many in the poorest regions of the world? What if a business could provide life-changing jobs to the poorest on the planet to craft high-quality, handmade, market-relevant fashion? What if each “crafter” was paid enough to take control of their lives and provide essential family needs (shelter, food, clean water, clothing, and medical)?"

      - Brad Jeffery

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