Zuri Product Launch

Zuri Product Launch

Savor the beauty of the season at ETC as we host our first shopping boutique celebrating the launch of our new partnership with Zuri, makers of the perfect dress! 

Friday November 10, 6-8pm and Saturday 11, 11am-1pm
Ethical Trade Co, 3565 Tulane Avenue, Madison, WI 53714

Enjoy sweet treats and warm beverages as you browse the ETC shop and visit our Zuri boutique. Changing rooms will be provided for you to try on the dresses (we do recommend wearing leggings and a T-shirt for your convenience).

Orders will be accepted the day of the event and will arrive between 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase.  





Zuri was founded and is led on the principle that ‘sustainable economies develop from businesses that operate fairly, ethically, and create products people want’. Every dress is 100% made in Kenya and supports their local economy. 


Zuri dresses are truly unique in the marketplace.  Gorgeous dresses that flatter every body type at a price that is affordable. Zuri dresses are versatile and can be worn as a dress, a jacket, a top or even a skirt.  


Here’s what customers are saying about Zuri: 


Globally inspired women’s clothing- ethically sourced and produced in Kenya. Every woman’s new everyday uniform.  Look good. Feel good. Do good.”


The ‘Zuri dress is pretty much magical. It’s universally flattering, encourages experimentation, conjures compliments, and supports the Kenyan economy from which it's made (and it even has pockets!)

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