Third Space Open Days

The Eastmorland Community Center, in partnership with Ethical Trade Co., is thrilled to announce the opening of a new communal third space, beginning April 3rd. This inviting area will be accessible every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am to 4 pm.

Designed to accommodate a variety of activities, the space welcomes everyone looking to work, read, socialize, knit, engage in games, or get to know their neighbors in a warm, communal setting.

As a special courtesy, Ethical Trade Co. will be providing complimentary coffee or tea to all visitors.

But what is a "third space"?

Defined as a communal area that is neither home (first space) nor work (second space), a third space offers an environment where individuals can explore their identities, foster a sense of self, and connect with others on a deeper level.

Examples of third spaces include museums, gardens, parks, sports arenas, libraries, and concert venues, all of which contribute to a stronger sense of community and belonging.

Through this initiative, the Eastmorland Community Center and Ethical Trading Co. aim to pioneer new avenues for community engagement and connection within our neighborhood.

We envision this space as a foundational element for nurturing meaningful connections, allowing every visitor to find new ways to relate to both themselves and those around them.