Asha Project

Asha Project


      Areas Served: India

      Year Founded: 2019

      Types of Products: Kantha Accessories

      The Asha Project was born from a vision to uplift women in India and disrupt the grip of poverty on their lives and communities. Central to their mission is instilling hope (Asha) as the catalyst for transformation, not only in India but globally. Through equitable wages and a nurturing environment, the project empowers women to recognize their inherent worth and capabilities. By fostering a sense of community through weekly gatherings focused on handicrafts and mutual support, the Asha Project cultivates an environment where women can thrive and lead with confidence.

      At the heart of their approach is the belief in the ripple effect of empowered women empowering others. Led by women who have themselves journeyed from members to leaders within the project, the Asha Project embodies the ethos that when women support each other, remarkable change ensues. Their vision extends beyond economic empowerment to encompass a holistic sense of pride and purpose, ensuring that women emerge not only as artisans but as leaders in their homes and communities

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