Canaan Fair Trade

Canaan Fair Trade


      The story of Canaan Fair Trade centers on dedicated farmers who labor from dawn to dusk, nurturing the land to sustain their families and produce exceptional foods for global appreciation.

      Canaan values this essential agriculture, dedicating itself to its protection, support, and sustainable development for these industrious farmers. The organization aims to share these agricultural achievements worldwide, celebrating age-old food traditions and facilitating artisan food products' entry into global markets.

      Canaan partners with over a thousand artisan family farms across 43 villages, deeply engaging with these communities all year round. Its commitment is based on fair trade principles, ensuring transparency, direct payments, fair pricing, and purchase guarantees.

      Ecological sustainability is fundamental to Canaan's mission, with a focus on food security, economic growth, and cultural preservation stemming from environmental health, starting with soil. The organization advocates for regenerative farming practices, encouraging a balanced ecosystem.

      Canaan is rooted in a region famed for its ancient olive groves, a symbol of agricultural heritage and permaculture richness. This heritage underscores the organization's foundation on empowering traditional agricultural communities in Palestine, aiming to enhance their economic viability and market competitiveness.

      In its pursuit of premium ingredients, Canaan collaborates with like-minded companies to support sustainable ecosystems and responsible farming. Through a vast network of farmers and regional biodiversity, Canaan produces a diverse array of products for businesses seeking to incorporate sustainable, quality ingredients into their offerings.

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