Creating Comfort Lab

Creating Comfort Lab


      In a world where everything moves so quickly, you are always trying to find a hideaway to stop and recharge your mind and see something different and unique. This is why Creating Comfort Lab was founded in New York, the US in 2017. Their Ukrainian soul craved to bring more high-quality handmade home goods to this structural, busy world. They produce beautiful limited edition items using old almost forgotten techniques like milk firing, hand carving, mouth blowing, and so on.

      They collaborate with young promising artists as well as experienced workshops to design and produce handmade products in Ukraine and all over the world. They work together on every product and share our knowledge and passion. They use the best organic materials and commit to combining intuitive simple design, ecological, and sustainable production with a simple & clean style.

      Their mission evolved with time and events in native Ukraine. They became the biggest representative of handmade Ukrainian products in the US and around the world and now they are dedicated to introducing you to beautiful Ukrainian culture and presenting the best Ukraine can offer.

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