Revved Up Belt Loop Coin Purse

Revy Direct

Keep your change close to the hip while giving your change a sweet ride with this coin purse made from recycled inner-tubes. The top snap keeps everything accessible. Available with red or green logo patch.

Located in Santa Rosa less than an hour from the capital, Alabi Recycling works with various materials which all come from scrap. One of the most popular items are handbags made from recycled tires. These tires litter the roadsides and provide a means to breed mosquitoes that carry malaria. Removing these tires from the road helps the environment while creating a healthier El Salvador. Another scrap product put to good use comes from leather. These scraps--a by-product of traditional leather work--are ground up, and then processed in a method similar to paper making. They are then turned into bright and colorful handbags. They are sturdy and rugged, plus they help the environment by removing material that would otherwise go to waste.

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