Goat Leather Eyeglass Case

2nd Story Goods

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We at Ethical Trading Company realize that glasses are expensive and can be rather damage-prone.  Especially against the ravages of being carried in a bag or purse.  That is why we proudly carry these genuine goat leather eyeglass cases.  Not a hard case that takes up space. No, these are slim with a warm finish that will only get better with age.  

Crafted by 2nd Story Goods in Haiti, who provide good jobs with fair and livable wages in a place devastated by poverty. We stand together with them in the belief that paying fair wages can transform entire communities.

  • 3.25" width by 7" height
  • Genuine Goat Leather
  • Soft Interior
  • Hand Made

All our products are hand made and may vary slightly from item to item.

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