Ethiopia Organic Medium Roast Coffee

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Oganic, Fair-trade coffee from Ethiopia.  Blueberries or lemon notes sing out from this coffee, making it a famous standout cup.

Level Ground Trading purchase coffee from the Fero Co-op of the Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Union. The co-op has approximately 3000 member farmers.  The co-op has 3 washing stations several km apart, and 11 buying posts for purchase of cherries. All of the cherries are processed at the three co-op washing stations. Processed coffee is sent via truck to Addis for milling and grading, and then is sent to the port of Djibouti, which is a 600 km drive from Addis.

Coffee is the primary source of income for the people in Yrgalem. Fero Co-op farmers receive great prices for their coffee because it is considered among the best in the world.

Level Ground Trading seeks to build a food system focused on sustainability and well-being.  They do direct fair trade and seek to shake the hands of the people who farm the land.

Varietal: Cofea Arábica, bourbon (Ethiopian government seeds)

Altitude: 1500 - 2200 metres

Harvest: October - January

Certifications: BSC öko-garantie GMBH

Flavour Profile:  Berries and honey provide a bright, playful entry, with smooth centre notes, and a lingering cocoa finish.

Ground and Whole Bean availability.

Customer Reviews

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Great coffee and company

The whole bean coffee has great aroma and flavors! And I love what this company stands for.

Ethiopian Coffee

OK, but certainly not the best I have had. It lacks highlight flavor notes and aromas.

Thank you for your review. We have found that the pre-ground coffee does lose some of the highlights that make the coffee great. You would be able to experience these better by purchasing whole bean next time.