Warm up with Dinadi ☃️

Warm up with Dinadi ☃️

Have you felt the chill in the air, [[contact.first_name]]?

Winter is definitely coming. ❄️😉

Here in Madison at least, we’ve been averaging temperatures in the mid-30s.

So we’ve busted out our hats, sweaters, and scarves and braced ourselves against Wisconsin’s winter weather.

(Try saying that five times fast!)

As the weather continues to get colder, it’s the perfect time to make sure your sweaters aren’t threadbare and ensure you’ve got hats and scarves for the whole family.

This winter, we’re proud to partner with Dinadi to bring you warm, luxury Merino sweaters and outerwear at affordable prices.

Like all the other products that we sell, Dinadi outerwear is made by artisans who earn a living wage. 

But more than that, Dinadi is committed to creating a workplace where Nepali women can thrive now and in the future.

The company does that through profit sharing, allowing flexible work, and generous retirement plans. The social impact of their business is quite extensive.

When you wear a Dinadi hat, scarf, or sweater, you can feel really good about your investment. Your money is making the world a better place, and you get a quality product that will last…

And keep you warm in (Wisconsin’s) winter weather. 😊

Hoping you stay warm,
James @ Ethical Trade Co.

P.S. In case you skimmed to the end… If sweaters, hats, and scarves for the family are on your shopping list this season, be sure to check out our Dinadi collection

These Merino wool sweaters and outerwear products are created with environmentally responsible yarn that’s free of acrylics, polyamides, and other forms of plastic. They also make great holiday gifts. 🎁

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