TODAY: Madison Fair-Trade Holiday Festival ūüéĀ

TODAY: Madison Fair-Trade Holiday Festival ūüéĀ

This is a short post

Just a quick reminder that TODAY is the Madison Fair Trade Holiday Festival, and we‚Äôll be one of more than 40 vendors present. ūüéĀ

(Yes, that was a holiday pun. Good catch. ūüėČ)

Some of the businesses there come from Spring Green, Chicago, and elsewhere in the Midwest.

But they all have one thing in common…

They produce fair-trade goods and are committed to providing fair, living wages for their employees and/or suppliers who live in low-income countries.

Attending this festival is a great way to complete your holiday shopping WITHOUT the stress associated with going to the mall…

Or Target…

Or Walmart.

Here are the details so that you can join us:
  • Date: TODAY!
  • Time: 8am-3pm
  • Location: Monona Terrace in Madison, WI
Hope to see you there, and thanks for supporting fair-trade businesses.

-James @ Ethical Fair Trade Co.

P.S. If you don’t feel like venturing out into the cold today, or you’re opening this email after the event has ended, don’t fret! We have our most popular products on the Ethical Trade Co. website, so you can do your holiday shopping without leaving your couch. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders of $45+. See our website for details.

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