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The Ethically Sourced Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

With Father's Day fast approaching we put together this gift guide to help you choose the best ethically sourced gift for Dad!  

Urban Pack's - Cause Gear


These backpacks not only look great but also withstand daily use by your hard working dad. These bags have plenty of space for a laptop, tablet, and accessories and come with a lifetime warranty!  So give a gift that will not only last but also provide sustainable employment for families in India. 

Inner Tube Belts - Revy Direct


These Fair-Trade certified belts are selling quickly so make sure you grab one while they last. Made of recycled inner tubes in El Salvador they can withstand a good beating. They can be adjusted to any length (cut to the required size) so you don't even need to know dads belt size.

Inner Tube Wallets - Revy Direct


These popular wallets are now back in stock! We carry both the Bi-Fold & Tri-Fold in both red and green. It's flexible and can hold everything from receipts, credit cards, and of course cash. Our founder has been using one of these wallets for 3 years and it still looks great!

Fair-Trade & Organic Coffee


Does your dad appreciate a good cup of coffee? Our Peru Medium Roast is grown in the cool jungle, these slow-ripening beans bring a delicate acidity, medium body and floral and berry notes in your cup.  It tastes great both hot and iced.  

Our Espresso Blend is a rich, creamy balanced cup with bright notes. This is what happens when coffee beans from three countries come out to play together. Use as a base for all your coffee drinks or enjoy it on it's own in a french press.  

Lastly we can't forget one of biggest selling coffee's, our Tanzanian Dark Roast. From the rich orange soil of Tanzania comes a deep, wild, full-flavored cup with pleasant earthiness and a strong finish. He won't be disappointed.

Regardless what gift you choose we wish all Father's a very Happy Father's Day! 

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