November news + new partnership 🦃

November news + new partnership 🦃

In the past month, A LOT has been happening both at Ethical Trade Co. and globally. 

Whatever your views on the recent Israel-Palestine conflict, it highlights the need for humanitarian aid and support – and fair trade brands – throughout the world.

That’s why we’re always excited to partner with new brands like Zuri, a boutique dress company that supports workers in Kenya and eastern Africa.

In fact, to kick off our partnership with Zuri, we’re hosting a first-ever, two-day-only event where you can try on the dresses in our Madison, WI retail store.

And we’re inviting you to join us. 😊


  • When: Friday, November 10 (6-8pm) & Saturday, November 11 (11am-1pm)
  • Where: Ethical Trade Co, 3565 Tulane Avenue, Madison, WI 53714
  • What: Trying on dresses, sweet treats & warm drinks

See more details in our blog post.

Keep in mind, we are ONLY stocking Zuri products in-person, so you will NOT be able to purchase these dresses on our website.

These dresses are also created in limited batches, so once we’re out of a certain size or style… that’s it. 🙅🏽

Join us next week, and let us know: what style of dress do you hope is waiting for you or your loved one?


- James @ Ethical Trade Co.

P.S. Dresses not your thing? Check out the Ukrainian tableware listed on our site. Because it takes 4-8 weeks to process orders from Ukraine, order it now so it will arrive before Christmas. All the products are handmade using ancestral techniques. We also updated our listings, so you can purchase individual products (not just tableware sets) if you prefer. 

P.P.S. Hearing about the Israel-Palestine conflict for the first time? This United Nations article explains the history of the conflict and what’s happening currently. Remember, when you support fair-trade brands (even if they support a different country), it raises the global standard for what we purchase and creates more demand for fair-trade products.

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