In-Store Shopping Event with Lev Apparel & The Fair Shirt Project at Ethical Trade Co.

In-Store Shopping Event with Lev Apparel & The Fair Shirt Project at Ethical Trade Co.

Mark your calendars for a delightful day at our store on December 16th, between 11 am and 5 pm! Join us for an exclusive in-shop event where we'll be showcasing the fabulous creations of our partners, Lev Apparel and The Fair Shirt Project.

Visit Ethical Trade Co at 3565 Tulane Ave, Madison, WI 53714, and let's make this day of style and community unforgettable!"

Enjoy sweet treats and warm beverages as you browse the ETC shop and visit Lev Apparel & The Fair Shirt Project. Changing rooms will be provided for you to try on the dresses (we do recommend wearing leggings/pants and a T-shirt for your convenience).

About Ethical Trade Co:

Ethical Trade Co empowers through trade artisans and farmers who are vulnerable to exploitation and modern slavery. This trade relationship provides a livable wage in artisans’ respective communities and empowers them to break out of poverty - the root cause of exploitation and modern slavery. Our customers and donors are the heart of this empowerment movement as their conscious purchase and generous donations make all this possible. And because we are a donor-funded nonprofit and fundraise for our wages, every dollar spent in our store creates a maximum return for our partners.

About Lev Apparel:

Lev was founded in 2018 after its founder’s eyes were opened to what was happening behind the scenes in the garment industry that she just couldn't ignore. She found out that there are 40 million garment workers in the world today, and 85% of them are women making less than $3 a day. Extreme poverty, like this, puts women at a higher risk of sex trafficking, domestic abuse, and slave labor. She knew she needed to take action and so began her pursuit of creating a clothing brand that would end the cycle of poverty and human trafficking.

About The Fair Shirt Project:

The Fair Shirt Project was created as a passion project following a suggestion from the manager at my local Ten Thousand Villages. I drew on my own experience in womenswear--and relied heavily on the skills of the talented stitchers at Work+Shelter!--to develop a classic button-up I thought might build awareness of fair trade among men. Three years in, we've found that our shirts appeal to customers of all genders.

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