A Match Made in Marinade Heaven

A Match Made in Marinade Heaven

With spring and better weather comes… grilling season! 

If you’re planning to fire up the grill soon, you’re probably looking for new sauces and marinades to add extra flavor to your food.

We like this marinade recipe because it requires just five items and there’s instructions for a variety of different proteins. 

Since this marinade doesn’t require any fresh ingredients, you can make it time and time again, and it showcases whichever olive oil and honey you decide to use.

For example, if you get the Lemon Olive Oil and Hot Honey, this marinade will be citrusy and spicy. If you opt for Cinnamon Honey instead, it will add a bit more sweetness.

If you try this recipe out, be sure to let us know what your favorite flavor combination is!


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