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      Revy Direct is passionate about the people of El Salvador. Emerging from a civil war, they are striving to improve their daily lives and rebuild their ravaged country. Revy works with individuals and co-ops to help them earn a living wage and provide a brighter future for themselves and their children. Revy means revitalization and they approach nature conservation as they do the artisans who craft their products. They emphasis the use of natural materials and recycling. Through artisan co-ops, Revy is working to change lives with fair trade.  All workers have the right of association to form their own co-op, receive a living wage, and work without fear of abuse or their own safety. Economic justice and social justice cannot be separated.
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      From the Founders

      "Our story starts in El Salvador, where the average income is less than $2 a day. Through artisan co-ops, Revy working to change lives with fair trade."
      - Mary and Ron