Napada handbags began in 2008 as a ministry of New City Fellowship Church (NCFC) in Bangkok, Thailand. NCFC is located just east of downtown Bangkok and began worship in 2006 as a church plant of Mission to the World-Thailand (MTW). MTW seeks to start churches in the urban centers of the world with the belief that God uses the local church, not exclusively but significantly, to bring cultural transformation and renewal in communities and individual lives. In the immediate community surrounding NCFC there are great spiritual and physical needs. The church desires to respond with the love and hope of Jesus Christ to see renewed hope and lasting change. As a community that loves and wants to follow Jesus Christ, NCFC labors to see people restored to fullness in him and assisted with tangible life needs.

      NCFC has had an on-going relationship with a local low-income neighborhood and we cherish the lives of the precious people who call it home. These people are made in the image of God and have great dignity in the face of great adversity. NCFC seeks to love the people of this community and Napada handicrafts was born out of that ongoing desire.

      Napada handicrafts employs women from this low-income community enabling them to better the lives of their families while forming community with Christians and learning the truths of God. Some of the women had low paying jobs and some had no work opportunities whatsoever prior to becoming a part of Napada. Napada provides a creative outlet for these women while seeing them come to know and love how they are a part of God’s great creation and plan.

      Thank you for your support of Napada as your purchase of these handcrafted items makes a difference in the lives of many people.


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