Born out of heartbreak for the lost and the starving Badala has a dream to see extreme poverty end world wide. Homeless children and widows deeply lack opportunity to not only strive but simply survive, Badala is creating opportunity through education and micro finance initiatives.  Their education programs hopes to raise up a new generation of leaders who carry the same vision of seeing poverty end. By training and hiring widowed or abandoned women they break the cycle of theft and prostitution. Eventually women who go through this program will be able to set up their own businesses and hire others in their community.

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      From the Founders

      "When I traveled to Africa for the first time, I befriended women who were prostituting themselves just to feed their children. Instead of asking for hand outs, everyone I met was looking for opportunities. Our line of jewelry and accessories, and later our housewares, was born out of this request for employment."
      - Joelle McNamara
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