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      2nd Story Goods has a motto of producing beautiful pieces that Do Good, Are Good, and Look Good. They are a registered 501c3 non profit based out of the state of Georgia and they believe that living inside a community is the best way to help that community thrive which is why they are proud to live in Haiti, where their products are sourced from. Every item purchased goes directly into creating more opportunities for artisans to be paid a sustainable livable wage. Each handmade product is unique and life giving, bringing hope to what seems like hopeless situations. 
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      From the Founders

      "By far most rewarding experience, and it blows my heart up every day, is watching the team of people I work with thrive in the right seats on the bus, so to speak, and experiencing this amazing synergy between us all. Also watching the change in the way we carry ourselves. Seeing dignity and humility grow up together. We’re operating out of love and respect for one another. We have hard days and conflict and misunderstanding, those days are not so fun, but this aspect of growing a company, having the brave conversations, it is truly the gold of this whole thing. Blows my mind."
      - Kathy Brooks
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